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Contract pastillation delivers shapely, dust-free, easy to transport granules

Especially customers from the field of specialty chemicals appreciate our service of contract pastillation. Because after the successful, but usually very protracted development of a new active ingredient, it needs a safe and easy form for dosage.

In contract pastillation, we bring your active substances into the desired shape by melting and drop pastillation. Hygiene and quality standards are well observed. If you entrust us not only with contract pasting but also with the contract manufacturing of the substance, you will get a highly efficiently produced product which exactly corresponds to the given characteristics and the selected form. That makes our complete service.

Handling of active ingredients

Contract pastillation can be the solution you are looking for your product. This is because dosing and product handling of powders and liquids will not cause any problems for users in the future.

That means contract pastillation for your product:

  • safe and hygienic dosage form
  • simple dosage
  • easier handling
  • dust-free granules
  • easy to transport and process

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We melt your intermediate product and bring it into shape

In addition to droplets, we can bring our molten products into a variety of shapes with our modern plants of different widths. Depending on your wishes, we deliver your granules as pastilles or pellets or coarse plates. The conversion process is optimally designed using stainless steel chillers and granulators. Get in contact with us, we also melt your suspensions to bring you into the best dosage form.

Contract pastillation is suitable for a variety of products:

  • Suspensions with solids content and pre-seeded melts
  • Products with higher melting point
  • Products in a wide range of viscosity