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Powder chemistry

Toll manufacturing services for powder chemicals

Due to its versatile chemical and physical properties, powder chemistry is also diversified in process engineering. Through a wide range of production facilities, we allow you to have your products manufactured on the appropriate equipment by expert personnel. Along the supply chain, you have the opportunity to completely outsource the production of powder materials or to have individual production steps produced by ProChem GmbH’s custom-fit plants.

In a variety of chemical processes, powders are processed. Whether building materials chemistry, specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or in battery production, the handling of powdery materials always presents challenges. The facilities required for the production step are often very expensive and are only needed for a small part of the production. ProChem provides the whole range of process technology for powder processing. In spray towers, vacuum dryers, mills of various designs, sieves, mixers or further powder processing equipment such as pastillation or compacting we process all chemical products that are made of powder or are to become – no matter for what purpose. From laboratory scale to commercial production, we have the right system for every purpose and the corresponding powder / granulometry analytics.

High quality powder processing with no risk

In order for your powders to have the physicochemical properties your customers expect, we have the ideal equipment and expert staff for all types of processes. In hazard-monitored systems with sensitized personnel, we process your powders in a safe environment according to your specifications. Convince yourself of our services and contact us for a feasibility check by our professionals.

Your advantages in the production of your powder products at ProChem GmbH:

  • no capex
  • no planning and approval costs
  • risk minimization
  • less own staff and administrative work
  • fast availability of your products
  • improved supply security
  • flexibility in optimizing your product
  • highest quality standards
  • upscaling possibility through laboratory, pilot plant and large scale production including analytics from one supplier
  • certified level of work safety at no additional capex