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Toll drying: Important intermediate step before further processing

Before many chemical intermediates and final products can be further processed, they first require an additional process step: vacuum or spray drying. We as a service provider for the job drying remove this important step.

You save time and money by outsourcing the drying process

For 20 years as your competent and reliable outsourcing service provider for contract manufacturing, we perform steps that are not part of your actual core business and are therefore often outsourced for time and / or cost reasons. For these 20 years, our clients from the chemical and pharmaceutical industry have relied on our high quality and safety standards. We carry out every contract manufacturing project exactly to your specifications and recipes – including toll drying. We have scalable vacuum and spray dryers. Thus, we can react flexibly to your order or your material to be dried.

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Further information on our drying Technologies

Vacuum or spray drying: which technology is suitable for your material?

Whether vacuum or a spray dryer better suits your material for drying cannot be answered flat rate. Together with your process technology experts and product developers we clarify the question face to face. We are a very experienced service provider in the field of contract manufacturing and especially toll drying. With our knowledge and our facilities, we will certainly find the right method to fulfill your order to your satisfaction. All parts of our equipment with which your product comes in contact are made of stainless steel or enamel or corrosion proof alloys such as Hastelloy. The systems are heated with steam, water or thermal oil – for maximum quality and purity. We also advise you on our other services in chemical contract manufacturing.