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ProChem sites

ProChem GmbH site Oberthal

Since 2002, the headquarters of our company are located in Oberthal, near the town of St. Wendel in the federal state of Saarland. The Oberthal site includes a large portfolio of process equipment such as synthesis and drying plants, on an area of more than 30,000 square meters.

The production surface for the different areas of contract manufacturing is approximately 2,000 square meters. We also have storage capacities of more than 1,000 square meters for the temporary storage of customer products.

In addition, we are currently expanding our factory premises in order to further expand our production capacities.

Luftaufnahme des ProChem GmbH-Werkes in Oberthal mit Verwaltungs-, Produktions- und Lagergebäuden

Oberthal site (Gewerbegebiet Wallfeld 12 – 14, 66649 Oberthal, Germany)

ProChem GmbH site Dieburg

Since March 2009 ProChem GmbH operates the synthesis plant(formerly James Robinson GmbH) in Dieburg located in southern Hesse (Darmstadt-Dieburg district). Covering an area of 23,000 square meters, a large number of reactors for synthesis and liquid mixtures, vacuum drying plants and process technologies for the processing of chemical substances are located in five production units. Due to the connection to centrally generated heating, cooling and inertisation media, all production areas in Dieburg have thermal processing technology. The hazardous materials warehouse and the solvent storage facility enable our highly trained employees to handle complex chemical substances. Through our own laboratory with attached pilot plant, we are able to accompany our customers from product development through implementation to the ton scale. In addition, the plant has a wastewater treatment plant, exhaust air combustion, extinguishing water system and corresponding peripherals for contract production. In close cooperation with the authorities and the existing certifications, we are able to serve customers with EFfCI and cGMP requirements in addition to serving classic specialty chemical manufacturers.

Dieburg site (Industriestraße 19 – 21, 64807 Dieburg, Germany)

ProChem GmbH site Bensheim

In August 2011, ProChem GmbH acquired a chemical site in Bensheim (formerly Akzo Nobel Powder Coatings). On an area of 29,000 square meters we have 9,000 square meters of production space. At the location in Bensheim, we can assist the customer in the field of powder processing. The portfolio in Bensheim includes a large number of mixers, mills, sieves, packaging systems and other processing plants for granulating, extruding, pelletizing and compacting. In addition, the plant in Bensheim has two large spray towers for the extraction of powder from liquid or aqueous suspensions. In addition, we can help our customers in the laboratory in Bensheim to test the manufactured products for their properties.

Panoramabild des Werkes in Bensheim mit Verwaltungs- und Produktionsgebäude

Bensheim site (Berliner Ring 9, 64625 Bensheim, Germany)

Three sites – a multitude of options

At our sites in Oberthal, Bensheim and Dieburg, you will find all common process technologies used in specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Each process technology is available on at least two of the three plants, so you do not expect capacity or acailability bottlenecks. Find out about our services or contact us directly so that together we can find the best solution for you in the production of your products.