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Custom synthesis

Chemical custom synthesis according to your ideas and recipes

Chemical syntheses require extensive expertise and the precise fulfillment of high standards and your specifications. We synthesize customized chemicals for many industries and provide our clients with our equipment and additive know-how.

As a pure contract service provider, our organization is designed for custom synthesis. In other words, we do not manufacture own products, we focus exclusively on developing, manufacturing and refining your chemicals. ProChem has two custom synthesis locations in Dieburg / Hesse and Obertal / Saarland to cope with the diverse synthesis orders placed by our customers. The two sites are equipped with custom synthesis equipment. But in addition to technology and suitable processes, our many years of experience is an important success factor for your custom synthesis.

Your advantages when we carry out your order synthesis:

  • no investment costs
  • no planning and approval costs
  • minimization of operational and financial risk
  • less staff and administrative work
  • fast availability of your products
  • improved supply security
  • flexibility in optimizing your product
  • DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 / 14001:2015 / 45001:2018 / 50001:2011 and EFfCI certified

ProChem: Ideal outsourcing partner for custom synthesis

For 20 years, we have been a reliable custom synthesis partner for our customers in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries: while we take over your tolling synthesis and formulation of chemical products, you concentrate fully on your core business and also save costs. The custom syntheses we do for our clients are usually very complex and time consuming. They demand daily concentration, flexibility, innovation and sometimes creativity – all the skills that we have and that we are happy to raise for you. We fulfill custom synthesis technically as well as organizationally according to your specifications, recipes and quality standards.

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We do the synthesis – our customer save time, money and capacity

Chemical syntheses, especially if they are “only” used to generate intermediates for your actual production, do not have to constrain your capacity. We can carry out custom synthesis efficiently and cost-effectively for your company because we already have the necessary equipment and infrastructure. Coupled with our expertise and our own quality and safety standards, we find a solution for every problem you face.

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Custom synthesis for different industries and a multitude of applications

We have modern, modular synthesis plants: Our reactors of 30 to 20,000 liter capacity cover common lot sizes. This is how we have grown to a reliable custom synthesis service provider. At present we are able to optimally handle production sizes from 1 kilo to 5,000 tons. All product-contacting parts of our systems are manufactured either in stainless steel, enamel/glass-lining or Hastelloy/C4 steel. Impurities or cross contamination of your products are minimized. Depending on requirements, the systems are heated with steam, water or thermal oil. Cooling towers, cooling units and cooling or thermal insulation systems are available for cooling.

Applications for custom synthesis:

  • Additives for color pigments
    Rubber and plastic products
    Fine chemicals and nano products
    Construction chemicals
    Additives for pet food

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Scale-up and piloting trials

Before we implement your synthesis process in our commercial multi-purpose batch plant, we usually carry out scale-up trials on laboratory scale, adapting your process to our equipment and optimizing the space-time yields. In addition to standard laboratory synthesis, we also have glass reactors (2 liters, 5 liters) and a 2 liter autoclave for e.g. hydrogenation experiments. Then we can pilot in our pilot plant in 540 liters to 1,450 liters reactor size.

Examples of product classes of our custom syntheses:

  • Additives for color pigments
  • Rubber and plastic products
  • Fine chemicals and nano products
  • Construction chemicals
  • Additives for pet Food

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