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Mixing and Blending

Contract mixing for more efficiency in subsequent manufacturing processes

Also in contract mixing, we make our contribution as your reliable outsourcing partner and enable you to make further production more efficient by outsourcing the mixing step.

The success of mixed blending of different substances and substrates lies in the precise control of all parameters: particle size, volume, density, viscosity, temperature and many more. We adhere exactly to your specifications by analyzing and controlling all necessary parameters. With mixing plants in all sizes we can meet your requirements.

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Your advantages in outsourcing your mixing project:

  • exact control of all parameters
  • consistently high quality
  • Compliance with hygiene standards (HACCP)
  • identical and scalable technology
  • cost and time savings through outsourcing of subordinate processes
  • focusing your production on core competence
  • our mixers are partially coolable or heatable
  • flexibility through various mixing tools, cutter heads and shaft speeds
Mischerschaufeln in einem MTI Mischer
  • Powder mixing: we have the right mixers in every scale (0.2m3 to 12m3 with suitable agitators, choppers, dosing devices for liquids or powders, heating & cooling pockets and inertising
    • Horizontal mixers: plow mixer (twin-shaft, single-shaft mixer), bucket blade mixer, beam mixer
    • Vertical mixers: skew kneader, nautical mixer with mixing screws
    • Container mixer for high sheer forces
  • Liquid mixers: In the reactors and tanks at the Dieburg and Oberthal plants, we can mix from laboratory scale up to 20 m3, using a wide variety of agitators, flow baffles and heating and cooling media. Most of our tanks and reactors are made of stainless steel or glaslined
  • Dispersers: We also have the right process technology for dispersions and emulsions

Contract mixing wages and coatin to your conditions

While we combine different materials during the blending process so that a precursor or intermediate product is created that you can use directly for further processing, we also treat the surfaces of your powder or granulate mixtures in contract coating projects. In other words, we refine them by providing them with special functional and optical properties through our special spray-on treatment.

Advantages of surface finishing or coating:

  • dust suppression
  • taste masking
  • delayed release of active ingredients
  • addition of dyes, active ingredients or auxiliaries
Mitarbeiterin bei der Korngrößenbestimmung über die Cilas-Korngrößenmessung

Coating: The connection of liquid products with powder carrier material

When coating, liquids are sprayed onto powder or granule-like substances. The resulting mixture then exhibits a combination of both properties. Versatile variations and applications are possible. In addition to the coating of solids with liquids, solid / solid or liquid / liquid mixtures can be produced at any time.

We refine a wide range of materials with our coatings:

  • agents for plastic products
  • additives for pigments
  • additives for petrochemicals
  • additives for construction chemicals
  • additives for rubber
  • and many more

We would like to inform you in detail about our services. Just send us an inquiry.

Mixing orders tailored to your needs

For 20 years ProChem has been your competent and reliable outsourcing partner for, among other things, contract mixing. Because we do not have our own product lines, we only fulfill individual customer orders and manufacture intermediates and final products for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry as well as related industries. The requirements of our customers are diverse. Therefore, we can respond flexibly to your individual needs with our equally diverse fleet of facilities. Depending on your order, we can supplement your own mixing plants or take over the mixing processes completely.

What our mixing plants do

We use about 20 mixing plants with volume contents from 300 to 12,000 liters for contract mixing and coating. Thus, we have a plant portfolio with which we perform mixing any size in the time required by you – and in the desired quality: all product-contacting elements of our systems are made of stainless steel or glass-lined and sometimes highly polished. They fulfill common hygiene standards. In addition, many of our mixing plants are equipped with powerful choppers, nozzle sticks for coating and other mixing tools. Some mixers are both coolable and heatable.

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