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Pharma process outsouring – Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) at ProChem

Producing pharmaceutical quality poses great challenges for medium-sized, small but also large companies in the manufacturing industry. The additional expense compared to chemical and cosmetic production is extensive: in addition to the processes of pharmaceutical production and the associated demands on equipment and employees, it is also the documentation of all relevant tasks and production / quality staps, which presents many pharmaceutical companies with challenges. ProChem GmbH is by your side as an experienced partner in pharmaceutical production. Whether you need help with the processing of raw materials or the support of another process step in your pharmaceutical production, we have the right equipment and suitable personnel for the implementation of your project.

Pharmaceutical products are usually of great importance in their application. In the course of a lifetime, every person comes into contact with pharmaceutical products and wants to be able to rely on product safety. The effort that must be made to ensure product safety in the pharmaceutical environment is not to be underestimated for the manufacturing pharmaceutical companies. Our employees are, therefore, sensitized to the importance of clean production and the plants are designed according to absolute pharmaceutical quality standards. Cross-contamination and other risks due to external entries are minimized by technical and organizational measures when processing your pharmaceutical product in our plant on the basis of risk.

Monitoring of pharmaceutical production for the safety of all customers

Traceability is an important keyword in the context of pharmaceutical production: GMP demand complete information on the use of batches of all components of pharmaceutical products. The correct batch recording of all ingredients that are added in the process is our standard in production. If necessary, we also qualify and validate all plant components in the affected process for your pharmaceutical products.

Process technology for pharma

No matter whether you want to extract natural substances, extract active substances or outsource subprocesses of your pharmaceutical production, you will find the corresponding process technology with us. Both in liquid, solid or powder processing, we have the equipment you need for your pharmaceutical operation. In doing so, we can map all production volumes you are looking for, from lab scale and test production to processing on a pilot plant scale to the production of tons in our multi-purpose batch production. Get an overview of our services, which are also available in pharmaceutical version for your project.

Your advantages in the production of your pharmaceutical products at ProChem GmbH:

  • no capex
  • no planning and approval costs
  • risk minimization
  • less own staff and administrative work
  • fast availability of your products
  • improved supply security
  • flexibility in optimizing your product
  • highest quality standards
  • upscaling possibility through laboratory, pilot plant and large scale production including analytics from one supplier
  • no cross-contamination
  • DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 14001/45001/50001 and EFfCI certified
  • Outsourcing of your GMP administration