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Your advantages in outsourcing

  • Exactly defined costs
  • Flexibility for changes in product demand
  • Efficient production of small quantities
  • Test phases for new products
  • Bridging capacity bottlenecks
  • Support for machine breakdowns

Through our trusting cooperation with the monitoring and approval authorities, we are in a position to react quickly and flexibly to new requirements and to implement them accordingly.

  • The strictest safety regulations regarding your recipes and manufacturing instructions apply
  • We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 / 14001:2015 / 45001:2018 / 50001:2011 and EFfCI
  • No planning and approval costs for new plants
  • No investment in facilities and buildings

Process technology: Uniting chemistry and engineering

Today, about half of all industrial products are produced using chemical and biological transformations. The list of products manufactured or refined by us using chemical engineering methods is long. We convert substances into substances by chemical, physical and biological processes, which then correspond to the properties you desire or need for further processing – in the required quantity and quality. Our services in contract manufacturing include the production of intermediate products or finished products, their storage and packaging.

The possibilities of modern process engineering

In process engineering, we combine different substances in such a way that something new is created from them – exactly what you have commissioned from us, in the condition and in the quality and quantity in which you need it.

As your outsourcing service provider we operate particularly tedious and complex procedures to liberate your own capacity.

Send us a project request.

Our 3-step approach for your outsourcing assignment:

Step 1

As start of an outsourcing project, we carry out an internal feasibility study, which gives us as well as you information about whether, taking into account our existing resources and taking into account all process and security-related issues, an execution of your project is possible.

Step 2

In close contact with you, we produce a pilot batch of your desired product or intermediate in one of our pilot plants.

Step 3

WiWe carry out the contract manufacturing according to your recipes, in compliance with the strictest safety and confidentiality regulations – including analytics, packaging and delivery.