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Spray drying

Powerful spray drying for powder production

In addition to vacuum dryers, we also use different spray drying systems with an evaporation capacity of 40 to 450 liters per hour when drying your materials. Spray drying is used when solutions, suspensions and emulsions are to be converted to free-flowing powders. In principle, spray drying works by finely atomising the material to be dried and then vortexing it with hot air. You decide on the respective particle size of the finished powder. We meet your quality requirements through strict controls and compliance with legal requirements and guidelines. We always guarantee the highest and consistent quality in the drying process.

Zwei Sprühtürme im Werk in Bensheim

Your benefits of our toll spray drying:

  • lower costs and less strain on your equipment
  • high temperature range up to 400 ° C inlet temperature
  • drying in seconds
  • for temperature-sensitive substances
  • gentle drying
  • without quality degradation
  • homogenous drying results

Send us an inquiry for your individual toll spray drying project.

Vacuum or spray drying: which technology is suitable for your material?

Whether vacuum or a spray dryer better suits your material for drying cannot be answered flat rate. Together with your process technology experts and product developers we clarify the question face to face. We are a very experienced service provider in the field of contract manufacturing and especially toll drying. With our knowledge and our facilities, we will certainly find the right method to fulfill your order to your satisfaction. All parts of our equipment with which your product comes in contact are made of stainless steel or enamel or corrosion proof alloys such as Hastelloy. The systems are heated with steam, water or thermal oil – for maximum quality and purity. We also advise you on our other services in chemical contract manufacturing.