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Grinding and micronisation

Contract grinding: Milling means more than just crushing particles

Grinding and micronisation is a prerequisite for many further processing steps. As a long-standing service provider in contract grinding, you can realize your outsourcing project with us. Rely on our high performance equipment and our expertise. The industry focus of our contact grinding business is the chemical and pharmaceutical sector.

Our service in the field of contract grinding

Our contract grinding equipment not only shreds your product, but also allows the dissolution of agglomerates and the breaking up of solid grain structures. We use different mill types so that we can approach the specific requirements of your grinding job.

For contract grinding we use different grinding technologies:

  • Air jet mills
  • Classifier mills
  • Hammer mills
  • Pin mills
  • Screen mills

Our systems meet the classes ST1 and ST2. A retrofit to ST3 is possible. In addition, our contract grinders have different rotor diameters. Many systems are pressure and shock resistant up to 10 bar. All parts that could come into contact with your product are made of stainless steel.

Contact us for more information about our grinding and micronisation equipment.

Mahlraum einer Luftstrahlmühle

Grinding is a versatile process step

Grinding comminutes your substances and fundamentally changes their properties due to the increase in surface area. Therefore, the method is very valuable especially for the production of medical devices, medicines and cosmetics. Grinding or micronization, pulverization or granulation of different substances is also used in the food or building materials industry and many other industries.

You can positively influence the following properties by contract grinding:

  • better dispersion
  • change in viscosity
  • higher bioavailability
  • texture and sensoric improvements
  • optimal solution behavior

You can also rely on ProChem for grinding

If you commission us with contract grinding of your materials, you can rely on us that we quickly and competently mill or micronize your material for you – we adhere strictly to your specifications and quality standards. We have been specializing in contract manufacturing for 20 years. Our customers are predominantly from the cosmetics, chemical or pharmaceutical industries – all sectors in which substances need to be grinded or micronized.

Your advantages, if you let us grind for you:

  • efficient completion of your orders
  • assured, consistent quality
  • modern crushing aggregates
  • you save costly investment in your own grinding technology
  • analysis especially for grain size
Fließbettstrahlmühle mit Ablass in einen BigBag

Subliminal outsourcing partner for grinding, milling and micronisation

Confidentiality and trust are important prerequisites in our industry for the functioning of a partnership between contract service providers, in this case contract grinders and clients. We know that your process engineering, formulations and product features are often the secret of your unique selling point and thus of your success. We would never carry information that you have entrusted to us as part of the wage-mining process. With us you enjoy absolute secrecy in dealing with your products.

We stick to this standard in all our services.