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Chemical analysis for the quality assurance of your products

Chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products often require a high level of qualitative monitoring. For quality assurance of your products we have the appropriate analytic tools. At all locations, we have the right analysis system for our contract manufacturing machinery. In addition to in-process controls for the manufacturing process, we also have the opportunity to review your product specification before shipping.

For the analysis of your contract-manufactured products and the experimental setup of your production planning, we have sufficient capacity and highly trained personnel at all three locations. Find out about our services and discuss with us the analytical needs of your products.

Top equipped laboratories with all common analysis methods and pilot plants:

  • Gas chromatography (GC)
    • Shimadzu GC2030
    • Shimadzu GC2030 with headspace unit
    • Agilent GC 7920A
  • Potentiometric titrators (potentiomatrical & coulometric)
  • Karl Fischer titrators
  • Grain size determination by laser diffractor (CILAS)
  • Viscometer Brookfiled LV DV2T and Ubbelohde
  • pH meter
  • UV / VIS photometer
  • Gravimetric residual moisture determination
  • Abbe refractometer
  • Density spindles
  • melting point determination
  • HPLC, DSC, IPC and NMR at external partners

Determine with us what you need for analytics for your products.