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Specialty chemicals

Tailor-made specialty chemicals

In order to be able to act as a producer of specialty chemicals, a company requires a multitude of attributes: We enable you to outsource a multitude of process steps of your specialty chemicals, even for complex products for all areas of application, thanks to in-depth specialist knowledge and a comprehensive equipment portfolio as well as the highest quality orientation.

Laborchemikalien im Regal

Contract manufacturing for specialty chemicals is a difficult task due increasing quality requirements and project complexity. Our many years of working with complex products from a wide range of industries with a wide variety of fine chemical products make us the first choice when it comes to custom manufacturing of such complex products.

We convert quality requirements for specialty chemicals into in-spec product

Knowing what matters: Specialty chemicals are characterized by the particularly high quality standards that we fulfill in all respects. The avoidance of cross-contamination is given in full by the division of the production areas and individual closed systems per product. Our employees also work according to all relevant hygiene standards and are sensitized to customer-specific quality requirements. In the manufacture of pharmaceutical agents, polymers (additives), cosmetics (or cosmetics intermediates) or detergents, you can rely on a wide range of synthesis equipment. In fine chemicals, we accompany your products from the laboratory test through the size of the technical scale to the production of tons, and we have the right analysis method for acquiring knowledge and monitoring quality from a single source.

Your benefits from custom manufacturing of your fine chemicals at ProChem GmbH:

  • no capex
  • no planning and approval costs
  • risk minimization
  • less own staff and administrative work
  • fast availability of your products
  • improved supply security
  • flexibility in optimizing your product
  • highest quality standards
  • upscaling possibility through laboratory, pilot plant and large scale production including analytics from one supplier
  • no cross-contamination
  • DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 / 14001:2015 / 45001:2018 / 50001:2011 and EFfCI certified

ProChem GmbH – ideal partner for specialty chemicals

If you are looking for a partner who fully shares your quality requirements in specialty chemicals and who uses suitable equipment for all projects with highly qualified personnel, then you have found the right supplier with ProChem. You save time, money and valuable resources in your company if you have your intermediates or final specialty products produced by us. At ProChem GmbH, you receive the full one-stop support starting at process development, pilot plant production to large-scale production. Our reactors can be heated and cooled. The dryers work via as spray dryers or under vacuum with large range of temperatures. If required, we also plan the waste concept for your contract manufacturing project and register your products in accordance with REACH with ECHA.

Inform yourself about our product portfolio or contact us directly for more information about your specialty chemical project.