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Compacting and granulating

Compacting: We convert your powder into low-dust, free-flowing granules

If you want to get a free-flowing and easy-to-dose product from your powder or fiber mixture, compacting or granulating is the most effective method – and ProChem is your partner who masters this process down to the last detail.

Over the past 20 years, ProChem has built a substantial portfolio of services as a professional contract manufacturer to serve our customers in the chemical, pharmaceutical and related industries. This includes the compacting of powder. We convert it into low-dust and free-flowing products, which can be processed more easily and safely.

Contract compacting: We compact so you can work dust-free

Statutory regulations on occupational safety and the risk of a dust explosions make working with powders with high fines fractions problematic. As a result, workplaces with high levels of dust have to fulfill special requirements. Meeting them is a costly affair – but failing to meet them quickly poses a threat to life and limb. Now you cannot or do not want to forego the use of powdery or dusty substances. Then you can either upgrade your own production sites according to the regulations for a lot of money or you can use our contract compacting services.

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Dust explosion: Do not take any risks, let us compact your powder

Many of our customers entrust their lives and that of their employees to us by placing an order to compact their powder materials. The danger of a dust explosion is omnipresent and therefore by no means to be underestimated. Deterrent catastrophes have occurred in the past, especially in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, as well as in plastics and wood processing. Dust that has been processed or produced during the production process cannot be exploded by a relatively small spark, with fatal consequences for the company and the workforce. Do not underestimate the threat of a dust explosion. Let us compact your powder and put it in a safe form.

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We press your powder materials into shape for you

Compacting is really nothing but pressing. In our compacting plants, your material is compacted until it is compact in a form that you have previously defined. You can choose between a variety of pellet shapes. At the end of pressing you will basically get the same product as before, but now you can handle and work with it comfortably and safely as well as dispensing it more easily. No additives or foreign substances are added to your fabric – if you do not want to. It is compacted only between press rolls and converted by crushing and screening equipment to a granulate with any grain size and previously defined degree of compaction.

For a detailed explanation of compacting or any other of our services, please contact us directly.

Your reliable partner for contract compacting

As part of the contract compacting, we have the ability to customize the shape of your product according to your wishes and requirements. In addition, we can also provide your fabrics with additional properties by adding another fabric with the required features. Just talk to us, we will develop a suitable mixture for you.

Your advantages of contract compacting:

  • fabric or substance mixture is pressed into handy form
  • powder is free-flowing and easy to dose after compacting
  • working with the granulate is safer: no risk of dust explosion
  • shape and grain size selectable
  • no expensive investments in your plant
  • admixing of additional properties