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  • prochem

    Outsourcing Partner for Chemical Services

    ProChem GmbH with several locations in Hesse and Saarland is your competent and
    reliable partner for commissioning services in the areas of

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  • Synthesis

    Outsourcing Partner for Synthesis

    Chemical synthesis is a wide and versatile field of activities. We are ready to face the many challenges and exacting demands of our clients, every day, successfully. Our experience, our power for innovation and our highly developed facilities ensure the success of your synthesis needs.

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  • Drying

    Outsourcing Partner for Drying

    Drying and dry preparation is an important topic wherever production conditions call for very specific processing conditions. ProChem GmbH is a strong and flexible partner for dry preparation and dry commission processing.

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  • Mixing

    Outsourcing Partner for Mixing

    When mixing different substances and substrates, success is defined in terms of precise controlling of particle size, volume, mass, viscosity, and temperature – just to name a few. With our mixing facility, we are able to deliver the desired performance for a wide range of requirements.

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  • Grinding

    Outsourcing Partner for Grinding

    Grinding is more than just getting big particles smaller – during commission grinding in particular, the right grinding technique is very important. ProChem GmbH is able to ideally master the different forms of grinding.

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  • Sifting

    Outsourcing Partner for Sifting

    When granulates and other substances are present within a mixture comprising different particle sizes, the right sifting facility is decisive. Our sifting machinery – and our know-how – are at your disposal.

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  • Packaging

    Outsourcing Partner for Packaging

    With our commission packaging, we can do a lot for you: we will look after the filling and preparation for packaging and will flexibly fulfill your specific packaging requirements. Of course, we will integrate packaging into the entire commissioning service chain for you.

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  • Pastillation

    Outsourcing Partner for Pastillation

    With our commission pastillation, we will transform your active ingredients into a dust-free and pourable form by means of melting and drop pastillation. Thus, you can prevent fine dust from forming.

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  • Compacting

    Outsourcing Partner for Compacting

    Workplace safety is an important component of every corporate philosophy. During commission compacting, we will turn your powders into low-dust, pourable products.

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  • Warehousing

    Outsourcing Partner for Warehousing

    Upon request, we can take over storing/warehousing, preparation for packaging and transport
    to the client.

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For Clients

We at ProChem GmbH have positioned ourselves exclusively as a service provider for toll manufacturing and commission production, and we consequently have no product line of our own. We are working in strict neutrality without any risk for our clients to have to collaborate with competitors. All our clients can rely on maximum confidentiality with regard to their formulations and production guidelines. Learn more »